Trends that will define Mobile marketing in 2018 | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Feb 20, 2018

mobile marketing trends of 2018

2018 will be a year of technology outbreak. This will the change the way how the marketeers focus on brand marketing. With this paradigm shift, the emphasis on mobile users will increase. The simple well researched reason – By the end of 2018 nearly 50% of people will have smart phones. With such an explosive growth, 74% of the marketeers expect mobile budgets to grow big in 2018. Read more on why mobile marketing is important.

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Five ways digital marketing can help pharma & health care industry | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Jan 19, 2018

digital pharma marketing, digital marketing for pharma, pharmaceutical digital marketing

Importance of digital marketing is crucial, irrespective of the industry. Today companies are building brand, increasing leads, improving customer engagement and boosting sales by innovative engagement activities online. Following is an info graphic company respondents saying these will be very important for their digital marketing over the next few years Social media marketing: Enhance your reach exponentially and publisize your product information using social media. Social media platform can be used to share knowledge content with the audience in several forms.

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Digital marketing trends of 2018 | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Dec 16, 2017

Digital marketing trends of 2018

With the advent of 2018 around the corner, it is time to plan for the new strategies for digital marketing. The plans and strategies successful in 2017 may not be relevant in 2018. Let’s see what creates a high impact on your customers and your business in 2018. MicroMoments: Micro moments occur when someone turn to their smart phone to do something specific. It could be to do some research, to find a location or to buy something.

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Role that visuals play in SEO | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Nov 21, 2017

Role of visuals in SEO

Role that visuals play in SEO Top 5 reasons to use visuals in SEO Top 5 tactics to boost your SEO using Visual content The internet is overwhelmingly becoming the ocean of stories a.k.a content. To stay visible in this huge ocean we must focus on the Visual content. Optimizing the visual content must be the first strategy of the Visual Marketing. With few tweaks and hacks, your existing visual content can bring you massively more organic traffic.

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Application of AI in Digital Marketing | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Nov 6, 2017

Why mobile marketing and advertising is important

AI Application in Digital Marketing: 5 ways how it makes your life easy AI refers to the method of creating intelligent machines that are programmed to behave rationally and take informed decisions like a human would do. AI enabled machine can learn, reason and correct itself based on the past data or its experience. Many aspects of AI are used in businesses these days. Digital marketing is also not left behind.

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5 Reasons why mobile marketing is more important now than ever | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Oct 5, 2017

Why mobile marketing and advertising is important

As this is know that technology has evolved from enormous size first generation computers to an era of smartphones that fit our palms. With the revolution in technology, the possibilities of mobile application has become limitless. Similarly, advertisements have seen a trend shift. Starting from newspaper and magazine based advertisements, it has grown rapidly to wider platforms. Radio, TV, internet and now the mobile devices. Let’s see the top most reason why Marketing on smart devices has become so much important: Mobile reaches more and more people: Of the 6.

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Digital marketing trends of 2017 | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Sep 25, 2017

Digital marketing trends of 2017

With the revolution of new technologies, the marketing trends are also changing. Being a marketer, it definitely deserves your time and attention to find out the upcoming opportunities in this field and prepare your team for the challenges. Big Data: Big data is a term for extremely large and complex chunks of data. It is expanding on 3 fronts at an increasing rate – Data velocity, Data Volume and Data variety.

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Importance of audio visual in marketing | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Aug 30, 2017

Importance of audio and visual in marketing

Source: Why 55% Marketeers consider visual content as one of their top priorities? We are designed to receive visual content better. Our brain focuses on visual 6X times faster than text. When we hear information, we remember only 10% of that information three days later. However if a relevant image is presented with that same information, we tend to retain 65% of that information three days later.

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Get a better ROI on your marketing spend | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Jul 18, 2017

Get a better return over investmen on your marketing spend

Just as every project starts with a plan, similarly every marketing campaign must have a clear documented strategy or plan. We need to document what needs to be measured, when and how. Follow the SMART technique and make sure that your goals are SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT AND TIME BOUND. Once you have your goals ready establish the action plan to reach there. Sometimes historical data also helps to do a trend analysis and plan for future.

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How Hola Card can bridge the gap between Marketing and sales | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Jul 5, 2017

How hola can bridge gap between sales and marketing

​Do you know the misalignment between sales and marketing, cost companies 10% revenue or more per year? On the other hand, if both the teams work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates. Hola Cards can help you bring harmony between your sales and marketing team. Hola cards are interactive, light weight, SAAS based advertising cards. It helps to reach your prospects through various modes of social media channels.

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5 secrets to better and more engaging social media presence | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Jun 15, 2017

Improve social media presence

Many marketers still struggle with the right social media strategy that can help build a better and more engaging presence. Below are 5 secrets to a better and more engaging social media presence. 1.Concentrate on posting daily updates but do strike a balance - If you post irregularly, your audience will lose touch with your brand and will probably forget that you exist. On the other hand, if you post too frequently, your audience might lose interest in your updates.

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7 ways in which interactive media improves your campaign | Hola Enterprise

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Apr 18, 2017


Interactive media is the newest and most fascinating trend emerging in the digital marketing world. Hola Enterprise is a platform for creating interactive rich media called Hola Cards. Hola Cards are light weight, dynamic advertisements that are interactive animations and can be distributed over multiple channels. According to Business Wire, the global interactive Media Marketing market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.68% over the period 2014-2019. Below are the ways which interactive media can deliver a great marketing campaign.

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The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Jan 23, 2017

Digital Transformation of Healthcare

The Pharma and Healthcare industry is yet to take the digital pill. While some early adopters are going Digital with focus on providing better outreach to the patients, the other unexplored areas of using Digital medium could be awareness creation, patient education and steam lining operations to name a few opportunities. With increased availability of smart phones and data bandwidth even in interior parts of the country, Digital medium will play an important part of content dissemination.

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Future of Smartphone Marketing

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Apr 29, 2016

Future of smart phone marketing

Smartphones and use of internet on them, have gained popularity like wildfire. Books, newspapers and TV have been replaced with reading on the Internet. News, articles, watching movies, job hunting and even buying property is being done online. A recent report published by Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and KPMG predicts a mind boggling growth of mobile internet users in India, lets look at some stats: Number of users reaching 314 million by 2017.

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Call to Action – Time to take action

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Apr 8, 2016

Increase your click through rate using call to action

I admit it, it is frustrating. It is frustrating to see a fantastic product being advertised and then having to note down a number, dial it again to place the order. If I misplace the note, it would take a while for me to remember the product itself . How nice if I could just push a button on the advertisement and bingo, I am connected to website or sales person to complete the order.

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Story Time – Impact of Video on your marketing

by Sravan Kumar Narasipuram. Posted on Mar 10, 2016

Impact of video on marketing

Successful Marketing is how well you tell your story. The rise in competition and shortening of time spent on each article online, has marketers shifting towards video marketing. Marketers need to be conscious about customers’ time, especially when there is significant shift towards content consumption on smart phones. The biggest advantage of a video is the power to convey more in less time. If the message is not conveyed in time the audience is bound to flip the page.

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