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    Interactive content for Patient outreach, Doctor connect, Sales Training
Patient Education
Chemist Marketing
Doctor Awareness
Sales Rep Training
Patient Education
Educate patients of different age groups with pictures.
Post operative care, preparation, diet tips. etc can all be communicated pictorially
Pictures communicate more effectively than written text and hence would be understood better, even transcends languages
Make sure your patients understand the usage and dosage of the medicines.
Educate them about side effects if any
Some of the medicines require a process to prepare, this can be explained better using interactive animations

                Keep your patients and care givers information about wellness

                Provide timely information and allow them to absorb information interactively

                Keep them motivated with short stories and daily motivational tips.

    Explain on the usage of a medical Device
    Detail instructions on do's and don'ts and any precautions to be taken when using the device.
    Make your customers understand the benefits
    Also make use of interactive animations to explain what the readings mean and how to interpret them

Hola Enterprise Missed call solution for Patient education

Chemist Marketing

There are several uses of interactive content when reaching out to pharmacists. The following are few identified scenarios.

  • Reach chemists and pharmacists over SMS / E-mail or other digital medium.
  • Limit unnecessary wastage of expensive paper.
  • Make it easy for them to reach you back at the tap of a button
  • Keep the communication open using periodic Feedback / Survey Cards 
  • Understand their problems better and actively keep them engaged
  • Keep your chemists information about your upcoming Product launch
  • Collect Data and any other information using user forms
  • Provide valuable information to your customers about the nearest store where your medicine is available. This drives more footfalls to your Pharmacy
  • Keep the engagement warm, by wishing your network of chemists on important occasions or festivals. 
Doctor Awareness

Push periodic medical information to doctors over medical means, based on their interest. Visually engaging content retains better interest and longer attention span.

Create and host medical videos, creating a library of information and make them actionable.

Provide the doctors with Feedback / Survey cards, take their feedback and make sure they are engaged in the right way.

Keep the personal connect with your doctors by sending them Personalized Birthday wishes and other seasonal greetings etc

    Sales Rep Training

    Train your sales force remotely, periodically and measure their effectiveness. Cut your training costs and also improve the time to train your field force. Save on the logistic effort but still make sure your field force is fighting fit.

    Track the progress of the training, send Automated Reminders to those who did not open the communication. Everyone needs a little bit of reminding now and then.

    Keep your sales force informed and motivated about up coming Product Launches. Create Digital Business Cards that can easily be distributed over Digital means to doctors and other contacts