Hola Enterprise Salesforce Plugin

Hola Enterprise plugin for Sales force helps you to easily create and embed interactive content into your emails. The content is not video, but 10 times more lighter and many times more interactive.

Interactive Content for your Emails

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         →  Convert to your simple email campaign into an interactive communication

               →  Communicate better, visually and get better response from your e-mailers

               →  Make it easy for your customers to reach you back, understand them better

               →  Do-it-yourself content editor, with pre-animated templates

Animated Images

No need to send multiple product images. Just add them to one of our animated templates to create a product explainer


Have existing videos on YouTube? Make them actionable by adding CTA buttons. Embed as a link in your emails


Want to know the feedback or run a quick opinion poll? Use our interactive survey templates and create one. Check your analytics within Salesforce it self


Send out your product presentation to your customer and see how they engage. Include surveys with the PPTX / PDF

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