Application Of AI In Digital Marketing | Hola Enterprise

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AI refers to the method of creating intelligent machines that are programmed to behave rationally and take informed decisions like a human would do. AI enabled machine can learn, reason and correct itself based on the past data or its experience.

Digital Marketing Trends Of 2017 | Hola Enterprise

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With the revolution of new technologies, the marketing trends are also changing. Being a marketer, it definitely deserves your time and attention to find out the upcoming opportunities in this field and prepare your team for the challenges.

Importance Of Audio Visual In Marketing | Hola Enterprise

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Why 55% Marketeers consider visual content as one of their top priorities?

We are designed to receive visual content better. Our brain focuses on visual 6X times faster than text.

When we hear information, we remember only 10% of that information three days later. However if a relevant image is presen...

Get A Better ROI On Your Marketing Spend | Hola Enterprise

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Just as every project starts with a plan, similarly every marketing campaign must have a clear documented strategy or plan. We need to document what needs to be measured, when and how. Follow the SMART technique and make sure that your goals are SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT A...

How Hola Card Can Bridge The Gap Between Marketing And Sales | Hola Enterprise

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​Do you know the misalignment between sales and marketing, cost companies 10% revenue or more per year? On the other hand, if both the teams work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates.

5 Secrets To Better And More Engaging Social Media Presence | Hola Enterprise

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Many marketers still struggle with the right social media strategy that can help build a better and more engaging presence.

Below are 5 secrets to a better and more engaging social media presence.

1.Concentrate on posting daily updates but do strike a balance - If you post irregularly, your audie...

7 Ways In Which Interactive Media Improves Your Campaign | Hola Enterprise

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Interactive media is the newest and most fascinating trend emerging in the digital marketing world. Hola Enterprise is a platform for creating interactive rich media called Hola Cards. Hola Cards are light weight, dynamic advertisements that are interactive animations and can be distributed over mul...

The Digital Transformation Of Healthcare

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The Pharma and Healthcare industry is yet to take the digital pill.

While some early adopters are going Digital with focus on providing better outreach to the patients, the other unexplored areas of using Digital medium could be awareness creation, patient education and steam lining operations to nam...

Call To Action – Time To Take Action

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I admit it, it is frustrating. It is frustrating to see a fantastic product being advertised and then having to note down a number, dial it again to place the order. If I misplace the note, it would take a while for me to remember the product itself . How nice if I could just push a button on the ad...

Top Reasons Why You Must Invest In Interactive Videos | Hola Enterprise

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Storytelling is one of the oldest and magnificent art that has been ever created. Stories bring out the emotions and Emotions triumphs logic. Storytelling is at the heart of all good marketing campaigns. Interactive video is the non-linear way of storytelling that is used by businesses to grab the u...